Getting Started With Azure App Services (and learning how to edit videos for YouTube)

I was playing around with Azure App Services and Visual Studio Code recently and I think this is a great service to get something up and running quickly – basically diving into the code right away. Let’s see if we can do everything just from within Visual Studio Code!

I never considered to become a Youtuber – but why not give it a shot, therefore this will be my first personal Youtube video. 🙂

What I used to record:

  • My laptop with all the development software installed
    • Visual Studio Code with some Plugins
      • Java Extension Pack
      • Spring Boot Extension Pack
    • JDK 14
    • Maven
  • OBS Studio for screen recording
  • Blender for video editing

Don’t expect anything professional, but somehow you have to get started, right?


It is pretty simple to deploy a Spring Boot application to Azure. But you need to follow some steps to be successful. I think the process could be simplified a bit: why can’t I just upload a jar file and Azure applies some meaningful defaults? What I tried first is to create the app service upfront using the VSC plugin and then just deploy the Jar – but this was not successful – I guess I would need to provide the web.config manually.

The YouTube video took much more time. It is not easy and actually a lot of work. But I learned a new things and I’m sure I can be much more productive by practicing more.

  • The software I used is pretty overloaded for a beginner, I had no idea where to look at or which buttons I had to click. Specifically Blender is very feature rich. The most important feature was to cut the video into smaller peaces so that I could remove unwanted content.
  • I think I recorded the video about 5 times. At the beginning I started over again when I made a mistake, but I soon realized that it is impossible to do a perfect run at least for me. Therefore I just repeated some steps again during the same recording.
  • Talking to myself felt a bit awkward. This is definitely an area I plan to improve.

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