Typolino – Add animations

I never used animations with Angular. Funny as I remember having used the AngularJS variant quite excessively. So why not try it out. I’m pretty sure there is a cleverer way of doing it but maybe I just need to get used to the system first. Seems as if one can simply define the animations… Continue reading Typolino – Add animations

Typolino – Web Worker

Just for fun I was thinking to add web workers to fetch the image download URLs and also the images in a web worker. If the URL is already there, perfect, if not wait for the web worker to complete its task. Actually web workers are quite well supported and it is super simple to… Continue reading Typolino – Web Worker

Typolino – Prefetching Assets

Caching has a big effect. But a first time visitor might still have to wait for certain resources to download. To improve the experience for the users we can try to prefetch resources that we most probably will need later (e.g. after the login). In our example application Typolino the candidates are found easily: the… Continue reading Typolino – Prefetching Assets

Typolino – Cache Control

To improve the UX it is important to serve content as fast as possible. The Firebase hosting is pretty clever, but the images we serve from the storage has a default cache configuration that disallows caching the content. We can control the cache-control header when uploading the images. This will allow caching the content for… Continue reading Typolino – Cache Control

Typolino – Upload Lesson

Finally I find some time to write about the upload utility. Maybe we can add an online editor later, but to get started quickly I decided to use a pure node application running on my local device using the Firebase Admin SDK. Now we are already connected to our DB and storage and can just… Continue reading Typolino – Upload Lesson

Typolino – Adding Speech

If we want to add sound to Typolino we need to consider the proper format. I’m not an expert but https://caniuse.com is usually very good at answering these kind of questions and also Wikipedia provides a good overview. I don’t care too much about the lossyness of the format as my audio capture device anyhow… Continue reading Typolino – Adding Speech

Typolino – Testing Team

There are some things that need improvement. A great addition would be speech. Let’s add this next, just for fun.

Typolino – Training

So we are finally at the most important component. The first PoC technically worked, but no one would be happy to use the tool as is. So we have to apply the same styles and create a more interactive experience. Keyboard Events The key functionality is to type the word you see, letter by letter.… Continue reading Typolino – Training