The Future is Here: Exploring the Possibilities of Doing Business with AI (Part 2)

The idea to provide coloring pictures on a website is quite simple. I think it is a great chance to play around with generative AI systems and teaching my kids some lessons about how to create a product from scratch.

Please note that this project is purely about experimenting with generative AI and will not cover any ethical questions.

What we need

  • a domain and some hosting space
  • a simple website that hosts the coloring images, ready to be printed and colored!
  • a way to create coloring picutres (we could draw them ourselves, but this is where we plan to use AI)
  • register the website so that it can be found on Google and friends. I used to do this professionally many years ago. This will be an interesting area for me personally to see how this process works in 2023
  • Place some ads: this area is completely new ground for me. So far I was on the other side of the game, placing great ads that generate business for my own services.

Where to start

Registering a domain is relatively simple, so we did that first. We are using a Swiss hosting provider that is relatively cheap. I’m happy to share more about this process, but it is usually pretty straight forward. Please let me know if you want to learn more about that.

The next step is to create the website. We don’t think about ads and search engine optimization techniques yet. Mostly because we don’t really know what needs to be done – and we want to get out something into the wild as soon as possible.

In the next blog post we will dive deeper into how we are building the website using React. But here is a sneak peak. Yes, it is going to be a very simple website. 🙂

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