Becoming an Azure Solution Architect

I decided to become an Azure Solution Architet. I’m by no means an expert at this stage, but the main reason I’m writing a blog is to write down what I’ve learned.

Why Solution Architect

I haven’t checked out all the other possible certifications in detail, but I felt like this gives me the ability to navigate through the Azure world quite well. Maybe not in all details, but to a level that allows me to design proper solutions and give guidance to other teams.

I you want to know a lot of stuff to a certain level so that you can take decisions, maybe this is also the track for you.

Current Situation

I don’t know much about Azure. But I do have more than 20 years of experience with software development and I know how to build solutions from nothing to production. My hope is that this experience helps me during this journey.

I did the AZ900 fundamentals certification and it was really tough. Altough I got the certificate, the questions where quite difficult for me.

Also, I do have experience with “Cloud”. I was even interviewed 2014 as one of the first cloud providers of online accounting services by the Swiss IT Magazine. But how we thought about “Cloud” back then is nothing compared to the services we have today.

First Steps

First of all we need to take a look what is required to become an Azure Solutions Architect. Microsoft really did a great job with their documentation, and they provide a lot of free online learning material.

Here you can read about the certification and what’s required to get the certification:

We need to get two exams: AZ-303 and AZ-304.

First of all I will go through the online training material and try out as many things as possible – and hopefully I find the time to document as much as possible.

Being a top down person I usually try to get an overview of what is around and figure out how things relate and what they are good for. Therefore using mind maps is the technique I personally use a lot, this is how far I got – not that much. Looking forward to learn many new things. 🙂

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