The Future is Here: Exploring the Possibilities of Doing Business with AI (Part 17) – Where we are and trying Stable Diffusion

Busy times

You may have noticed that some time has passed since my last update on our micro business There were just so many things going on and the project was live, so I had to reprioritize some topics.

How does it go?

It is already a bit late but I have been thinking of extending the library with new coloring pages with a focus on Xmas. But before that, I wanted to check how the project has been doing in the last couple of months. To my suprirse we got quite some traffic, so it seems that we are found on the internet and some people do download our AI generated coloring pages.

It is no surprise that the direct traffic went down and the organic search traffic inceared over time. This is exactly what we have expected and have been working towards.

There is an unexpected growth in traffic since November. I don’t know if this is a seasonal phenomenon or anything else, but it is encouraging.

What about Ads

Ads are still not showing. The feedback I got the last time was that I need to fix some issues with the content / quality. I try to fix it now by adding some further information about the project and linking back to this blog. Maybe it works this time. 🙂

Xmas Content

Maybe adding some Xmas content helps us growing more traffic. But I always wanted to use another generator. Initially we had been using Midjourney, but I read so much about Stable Diffusion and I think it is worth giving it a shot.


Installing Stable Diffusion was pretty simple by following the guides on the GitHub repository for the Web UI: AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI (

After installation I got access to the Web UI and I would be ready to generate images, right on my local machine.

My machine is not super powerful, but I’m looking forward to see how it compares to the performance and images generated on Midjourney.

A first shot

Before diving into all the options, let’s just test if the generator works!

Pretty cool, although I’m not impressed with the result yet. I’m sure we can further improve the prompt and other settings to make beautiful coloring pages.

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