The Future is Here: Exploring the Possibilities of Doing Business with AI (Part 16) – Good News on SEO

Just a super short update! Our latest changes to resulted in successful indexing of all our coloring pages!

When someone is searching for a coloring picture, there is now a chance they land on our website.

Le’ts try this out on Google!

Cool, the third result is from!

What now?

We have now everything in place to start optimizing our content to attract visitors. We only get traffic if people search content that we have and our result is ranked high.

What we will do is using a tool called Google Trends, which allows us to get insights about popular searches. This will give us an indication on what content we can focus and also allows us to optimize the text to match the search query well.

The most interesting part for us is the related queries. It seems unicorns are searched often. Right now, we do have a single unicorn mandala, which we have not optimized. Let’s see if we can direct some traffic to our website, by providing a few unicorn coloring pages and having a good description.

Besides the unicorn, mentioning that our images are free, may also increase the traffic.


Understanding how to work with the web master tools is essential. It’s not really difficult, but there are some important points to consider, for example a sitemap can help the search engine to find all relevant content.

I’m impressed how advanced the modern crawlers work, also with content that is dynamically rendered by web frameworks like React or Angular. Also the tools provided by the major search engines to analyze the content and potential issues are really good.

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